Kilauea Cove Build — Part 4: Shelves, Trim & Decor

  • Kilauea Cove - Shelves being finished
    A temporary setup where the shelf backs were screwed to some scrap wood, to stand them up for finishing.
  • Kilauea Cove - Shelves Mounted
    The shelves mounted into place, just below each of the bamboo moldings.
  • Kilauea Cove - Bamboo Edges for Glass Shelves
    Bamboo edges mounted to the glass shelves, to hide the glass itself, but also the LEDs at the front edge of each shelf.
  • Kilauea Cove - Trim Pattern
    Sketching the pattern for the carved trim onto the wood, after a lot of adjusting measurements for the different pieces
  • Kilauea Cove - Carved Trim
    Freshly carved trim, done by hand with a router. You can tell because none of the lines are perfectly straight.
  • Kilauea Cove - Stained Trim
    After carving and sanding, the molding got the same stain and urethane treatment.
  • Kilauea Cove - Room Dividers
    Simple frames of 1x4" and reed fencing make up the 3-panel dividers, to hide the unfinished areas of the basement.
  • Kilauea Cove - Fish Float Lamp
    The fish float lamp from Oceanic Arts, installed.

Mark Boszko

Believes in science. The artist formerly known as @bobtiki.

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