Kilauea Cove Build — Part 3: Paint, Reed & Bamboo

  • Kilauea Cove - Testing the Lights
    Test fit and animation test for the tiki mug-illuminating lights on the glass shelves.
  • Kilauea Cove - Brown walls
    The finished brown walls and glossy trim. This will provide a rich backdrop behind the reed paneling.
  • Kilauea Cove - Reed Paneling Start
    Starting to install the reed paneling
  • Kilauea Cove - Reed Paneling Finish
    The completed reed paneling.
  • Kilauea Cove - Bamboo Endcaps
    Starting to install the bamboo trim with endcaps.
  • Kilauea Cove - Bamboo Trim Complete
    The bamboo trim, completed. Test-fit the bar cart.

Mark Boszko

Believes in science. The artist formerly known as @bobtiki.

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