What’s This?

I figure that I’m doing enough projects now that are related to props, animatronics, special effects makeup, and tiki mugs, that I though it might better take advantage of its own site, away from the ramblings of my personal blog.

Why “Vixen Labs”?

I really identify with foxes as an animal that echoes my personality — no, not my spirit animal. A female fox is a vixen (and sexy, just like our inaugural Pele tiki mug and Seven of Nine prosthetics projects), and to be honest “vixen” just sounds good, and “Vixen Labs” was available! (We used to have vixenlabs.com but I accidentally let the domain expire, and some domain squatter wants $9,995 to give it back, so fuck that — and thus vixenlabs.info was born.) Plus, I’ve recently found myself accidentally starting to collect foxes, and they are super cute. I mean seriously — have you seen these baby fennec foxes? Just ridiculous.

Can I buy one of your things?

Yes, over on our Etsy store, user name “VixenLabs”! We have got some special effects makeups and cosplay accessories available. Want something custom? Get in touch.