Kilauea Cove: Raspberry Pi-controlled Active Volcano!

Mark Boszko

Believes in science. The artist formerly known as @bobtiki.

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  1. John says:

    Awesome! I would call it theatrics. I cannt tell because my sound is off but does it have sound too? If not that would be the next step trigger some thunder coming from the sub woofer in the screening room?

    • Mark Boszko says:

      You should definitely turn your sound on, because there is sound galore. 😀

      Next step is maybe adding some other animatronics, which I have some sketchy ideas for. It would be nice to get things to 2.0 before the next summer tiki party!

  2. It is definitely Computer Controlled Special Effects. Also known in early imagineering concepts as enhanced reality. 😀 As far as adding animatronics. It is generally way better to do it now that when I did servo controlled stuff with Cult of The Eye the last year of TO in Palm Springs. Now you can build your armatures with a 3D printer instead of what I did years ago, which was having a Plastic Place in Burbank(when I lived in LA) do a PVC skull to drape polyfoam over.

    • Mark Boszko says:

      Thanks, Eric! Good to know. I need to get my 3D printer back up and running, but it’s definitely on my to-do list for this year, just as soon as I finish sculpting the mugs for this year’s party… 😉

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